To us, socially and environmentally responsible sourcing of all raw materials is just as important as the innovation of design, the attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship, that goes into every one of our handmade pieces. There should be nothing to tarnish the pleasure of owning and wearing your bespoke jewellery.

Fairtrade gold is an organization which works with artisanal and small scale mining operators, to guarantee the consumer that their beautiful investment is free from corruption, exploitation and that the miners are being helped with every single purchase. The organisation ensures there is no child labour involved, the miners are paid fairly, do not suffer abuse, and that the working conditions meet the required health and safety standards.

Currently, Fairtrade Gold has two certified mining organisations in Peru and they are working with nine pilot groups in Uganda. The gold sourced from these mines is tracked, certified and supplied to the international market with the Fairtrade guarantee, which is independently audited by a third party, FLO-Cert. This assures buyers that all the gold meets the high standard and the verification claims made by anyone in the Fairtrade gold supply chain.

Fairtade gold is one of the most ethical ways of buying jewellery. Buyers of this ethical gold not only know that their gold can be tracked to the mine but that the Fairtrade organization also have a community building program for the miners and their families, where the miners who comply with all the regulations and standards of the industry receive an added boost of an additional premium for every kilogram of gold they sell, on top of the guaranteed minimum gold price. This additional premium encourages artisanal and small mining companies to filter funds back into the community, which gives better access to much needed schools,crèches, and medical facilities.

Our licence agreement with Fairtrade allows our jewellery handmade from these certified precious metals to be stamped with the unique and exclusive Fairtrade Mark. This stamp indicates that the gold you are buying from us is fully traceable from the certified mines, and has a positive effect globally in helping build the lives and communities of those miners who worked hard to bring this precious metal to you.

At Nordhoff Jewellery Couture, we hand pick every gem, we want to know its journey and its history, we design every piece with this in mind, adding to it your own story, personality and flair. It makes sense, when we are putting so much passion into each piece that ethical responsibility is not ignored.

In Mount Lawley, Perth, we are the first and only jewellers in Western Australia to offer handmade Fairtrade jewellery. As we work, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of customer service, and we are proud to lend a helping hand to those miners and their families so they can have a better future.

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