Custom handmade jewellery like any jewellery requires special care and attention, Which in turn will help retain its apperance, prolong its life and give continued wearing pleasure.
Your custom jewellery should always be the last thing you put on in the morning after make up, hairspray, creams, perfumes and lotions and should always be the first thing you take off at night. Never wear your jewellery in the shower or bath as soaps and oils can build up and leave a film over the jewellery making it look dull and lifeless.This can also lead to dermatitis under where your rings are worn.
Always remove your rings when working with your hands or preforming manual tasks like gardening, cleaning or working in the kitchen. Precious metals such as gold, platinum and palladium are malleable materials which means the finish can be dented or scratched. Even gemstones can become chipped or abbraded so if you are wearing your jewellery in a situation which could put it at risk, we suggest you remove it for its protection and safety.
Jewellery and sport dont mix!
Nordhoff Jewellery couture highly recommend removing your jewellery before using equipment at the gym or playing sports. Never wear your jewellery in pools or spas as chemicals can cause discoloration to the metal as well as structual damage. Avoid exposing your jewellery to situations where it can get caught, lost or damaged easily the last thing you want it is your precoius engagement ring to slip off unnoticed whilst swimming in the ocean.
To clean your jewellery use a soft cloth dampened with plain water and gently wipe it over. Alternitavley use our special cleansing gel and brush but always check the instructions to make sure it is suitable or simply bring it in to us for a clean and inspection, six monthly is recommended and always free.