The Process of Jewellery Remodelling with Nordhoff Jewellery Couture

Redesigning unworn jewellery pieces, remodelling items that have been handed down from family members or recycling broken chains and bracelets is becoming a very popular way to achieve your next custom jewellery piece. Gold and platinum being very versatile materials, are malleable and wonderfully workable, which makes them perfect for remodelling. In the case of gold, multiple pieces of similar carat and colour can be combined and used to manufacture a new jewellery piece, while still maintaining the golds strength and integrity. Even different colour golds can be combined to create your own unique tone, for example an 18k rose gold ring can be added to a pair of white gold stud earrings and the resulting gold could be a wonderful pale sunset rose colour. It doesn't take much recycled metal to create a new piece either, especially when you consider the average handmade custom ring made by Nordhoff is around 6-7 grams. If you already have the precious metal you may as well use its value to your advantage.



But the value isn't always just in the precious metals. The gemstones held in the old unworn jewellery may not look their best in the current design, and their beauty could be over looked because the arrangement doesn't suit your style. What you might consider to be 'tiny diamond chips' can be set in a different way, to enhance their sparkle, and the dark blue round sapphire can be incorporated into a different setting style to create almost a square look to it. The gemstones in your old pieces may not even hold much 'perceived value' beyond the most valued 'sentimental', but the staff at Nordhoff Jewellery Couture will be able to guide you in your decision on which gemstones to use and which ones to put aside, and Samantha Nordhoff is fantastic at thinking outside the box, and working with the gemstones you have, to create a completely new look, in a way you might not have considered. 

collection of remodelled rings using clients stones and recycled gold

Old rings that have been handed down from family members, or even original engagement rings that are getting an upgrade can be quite tricky in the way that sometimes the original design needs to be respected. Samantha and Clint are really wonderful at understanding when elements of the original style need to be maintained or echoed in the new custom piece but allowing for a new style or different proportions to shine through. The new custodian is always considered, and in the forefront when designing a new bespoke jewellery piece, but with careful acknowledgement of the previous owner and style, some of the history of the piece is maintained. 

Once your new piece is carefully completed, the total value of that piece will become the sum of your investment with Nordhoff Jewellery Couture, plus the value of your gemstones and precious metals. It is always recommended that you consider stand alone jewellery insurance for your special jewellery items and Clint can help you work out values for Q-Report Insurance or whether you would prefer to get an independent valuation done for insurance purposes. 

The process of redesigning a new custom piece of jewellery starts with an idea. An idea of a dream ring that is impossible to find, or a thought of having something special to mark a moment in your life, or still loving that unique piece that just doesn't suit you anymore. Then from here the design doesn't have to be planned just yet, its best to keep that a little bit open until you've spoken to Sam and Clint, but do go through your old jewels to find broken bits of chains, single earrings, grandmas rings, old pendants, anything at all that you think is a possibility to use, and they will go through it all for you and work out what is useful and what isn't. They will be honest with you if something is worth using or not, you just need to let them know about anything that has particular sentimental value, as this will be most important to them. Then comes the fun part, chatting to Sam about the design styles you like, any elements of history you'd like to maintain in the piece and how all this will work in with your current lifestyle. At this stage they can work out a rough price guide, and if you are happy Sam will sketch up some ideas for you to choose from, and a few weeks later you can be wearing you new custom designed jewellery piece. 

To start the process call the team at Nordhoff Jewellery on 08 63368450 or send through an email with a few details outlining what you'd like to achieve and they will take care of you.


collection of drawings showing redesigned rings, and remodelled rings