Designed with Passion

It is our belief that every precious stone deserves to look and feel beautiful. That means trusting the individuality of the raw materials and allowing them to guide our designs. We work with the nuances of each stone to handmake unique pieces that are unequivocally beautiful. Because when we respect nature's work, it rewards us by proudly displaying its charisma and charm.

Craftsmanship and Artistry

At Nordhoff Jewellery Couture, our bespoke pieces are works of art. Using time-honoured techniques and impeccable craftsmanship, their creation is a labour of love and passion. As well as excellent craftmanship, we stock an stunning range of Pink Diamonds
Our jewellers complete every process by hand to ensure absolute design integrity. Drawing on almost three decades experience, our team are proud to admit a small part of themselves can be found in each of their creations. That passion and commitment is what makes a Nordhoff piece simply perfect.

Ethical Beauty

A gemstone cut to maximise beauty over weight is not the only thing we consider when responsibly sourcing our raw materials. Its not just the visual qualities of a completed Nordhoff piece that our clients to fall in love with, but also the integrity of knowing the provenance of all gold, diamonds, and gemstones. We prefer to supply Fairtrade metals, and Australian diamonds, as that way we know there is no child labour involved, the workers are paid fairly and mining is carried out in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Commitment to Personal Service

Nordhoff provides a very personalised service, working with clients from inception to create one-off heirlooms that reflect the personality and individuality of their owners. Considerable time is taken listening to and understanding each client's specific requirements before designs and working drawings are hand sketched for approval.
The creation of a Nordhoff custom piece is an exciting process, openly shared between the craftsman and the client. Customers are welcome to visit the workshop and witness first-hand the impeccable artistry that makes a piece of Nordhoff custom designed jewellery so stunningly beautiful.