We are one month into the new year and I feel like 2012 is going to bring so many exciting possibilities for some really creative and juicy couture pieces from Nordhoff Jewellery Couture's studio.
It seems that the trends are already emerging, wtih bright, light filled, coloured stones demanding centre stage. Whether it be soft demure pink diamonds, sunny yellow diamonds, or bold and fruity coloured gemstones, complimentary or contrasting, any colour is the way to go, teamed with elaborate and intricate designs or a sleek modern feel, its the secret to a stand out jewellery piece. Celebrities on the red carpet seem to be choosing deep greens paired with vibrant violets, and rich lushous reds set with dark blacks, all intensified by fiery white diamonds, the designs are bold, mystical, sinuos, entwined blooms, emphasising the brilliance of nature, and inspiring some amazing custom made jewellery pieces. Lovers of this trend are courageous consumers who are keen to express their individuality through one-off jewellery designs.

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The next jewellery design trend I have noticed is the cinematic trend of black and white, pure perfection in timelessly classic jewellery designs with a hint of modern effortlessness. Vintage styles intricately covered in diamonds, glowing with light, are popular for custom made engagement rings and diamond rings, inspired by Art Deco, Film Noir, and twinkling city lights. Beautifully cut and proportioned diamonds are the essential centrepiece for this style. Lovers of this trend aspire to individually designed, statement diamond jewellery, that they will never fall out of love with. 


Finally we have the soft and emotional asthetic of the handmade heritage style. Neutral, individualistic, graceful pearls, diamonds set in antique inspired rose gold. Nature influenced, Romantic, poetic jewellery designs with a softly brushed texture, perfect for the artistic individual. 


With so many exciting trends to draw inspiration from, a custom made jewellery piece can express your own personality with such ease. 2012 is going to be fun!!