It's wedding season in this part of the world, when excited brides and nervous grooms make the important decision about which ring designs they will choose to seal thier promise to each other. 
The ladies have the man of thier dreams, the diamond engagement ring of thier dreams, and now the challenge is to find the wedding ring of their dreams.
There are so many choices for 'off the shelf' wedding bands, but very few look as beautiful or even compliment that dream engagement ring, unless they are bought together, initially as a set. The trick is to find one that is a perfect match, a ring that doesn't detract from, or over power your engagement ring. They should sit comfortably together without causing any undue wear. The wear usually happens when there are gaps between your rings, and some spots that touch. Its the little spots that touch that get worn away, and these spots that get worn are ususally the parts that are holding diamonds in place, like claws and settings. Can you see the problem here?
There are a few ways to overcome this problem, here are four suggetions, all of them requiring a fully qualified, trusted jeweller.

You can get the two rings 'spot soldered' together at the back where the bands meet. This means although there are gaps between your rings at the front, there is no movement between them and therefore the wear is reduced. This is an excellent solution if you have a wedding band that looks like it has been made to match your engagement ring. It needs to be the perfect width and thickness. If stones are set into the rings, the setting styles need to match exactly. It will look like a set.The only down side of this is, you have to wear them together all the time, unless you get them professionally separated again. 
What if you dont like gaps between your rings?
This is when you get a custom designed and made wedding ring that is specially shaped to fit up against your engagement ring. A band will be made to the perfect width, thickness and profile so the rings are well matched. The fit can be a smooth, gently flowing curve around the claws and setting, or tightly fitted into all the gaps and spaces around your engagement ring. The prefered style of shaping style comes down to personal taste, but the shaped ring must still contain design elements of the engagement ring, or at least compliment those design elements. A gently curved wedding band enhances the shape of your engagement ring and also can look quite lovely worn on its own if you wanted to. The tightly fitted wedding ring complements and intesifies the shape of your engagement diamond, but can look a bit out of place when worn on its own.
 So, if you dislike any gaps between the rings and still want to be able to wear your custom made wedding ring on its own, you could consider having a straight wedding ring, made to match your engagement ring, with a third ring, a 'spacer' in between both. The spacer is designed to be as invisible a possible. Fitted into the gaps between the engagement ring on one side and presenting a flat edge on the other side for the wedding ring to sit against.The visibility of the spacer depends on how much difference there is between the setting of the diamond and the band of the ring. The spacer should be made of the same metal as the wedding and engagement rings.

There are still more options available if none of these solutions sound perfect to you, and that is the beauty of getting a custom made ring, if you can imagine it and describe the look you are after, Nordhoff Jewellery Couture can help make it happen.

Now for the guys, it can be difficult to find a wedding ring you are comfortable wearing if you're not used to wearing jewellery. It may even take a couple of weeks to get used to the feeling of wearing a ring, and it certainly helps to get the finger size correct. The ring must feel comfortable, but snug on the finger, with a little resistance when removing it and putting it on, but not too much. Many men choose sizes that are too large, because they are not used to the feeling of wearing jewellery, and this creates a problem beacuse the ring may spin, slip forward, or fall off, all creating an uncomfortable feeling. The width of the band is of great consideration when determining the fit. The width of the ring needs to be in proportion to the hands, and still allow the fingers to open and close with ease and comfort. 
The biggest tip is to choose a ring that you like, dont stop lookng until you find one you will be happy to wear, and will enjoy wearing. Or maybe get something custom made to suit your own style, personality, and lifestyle. Dont be afraid of diamonds, patterns or mixing metal colours, these can be very masculine when desinged well.
Lastly, dont foget to remove your rings when working with your hands. It keeps your jewellery in better condition, will help prevent unecessary wear and tear, and reduce the amount of maintennance needed to be done over its lifetime. Your hip pocket, and your jeweller will thank you and, not to mention your jewellery will look so much better for it!