When looking to purchase a custom designed engagement ring it is important to know what you are buying.
There are so many different terms used like, handmade, handcrafted, and cast. At Nordhoff Jewellery Couture we handmake our engagement rings, in our on-site jewellery workshop in Mount Lawley by our own award winning jewellers.

Did you know a handcrafted ring is made by a process called casting?
A handcrafted ring could be carefully made by hand carving a wax, then every process thereafter is done by hand, or it could mean a computer aided design and the only hands on part being the final polish of the piece. There is a big difference between a handmade and handcrafted piece of jewellery. Do you know what is going to be holding your sentimental diamond in place? if not make sure you are educated before making that important purchase.
Lets have a look at the benefits of a handmade piece of jewellery.
A handmade piece of jewellery is inherently stronger, the metal has been work hardened by the process of rolling, bending, hammering and shaping. The setting that holds your precious diamond or gemstone has been individually carved out, the claws holding the stone are harder and less likley to be porous unlike a cast or handcrafted ring. During the handmaking process all aspects of the piece can be finished to a very high standard as the jeweller has access to file and polish all of the integral parts, for example under the setting of the ring it should be as well finished and beautiful as on the top.

A cast or handcrafted ring is made by the process of casting. Basically a mould is made out of wax either by hand carving or using computer aided design (CAD) this is then sent to casting factory. The next step is a plaster mould is made around the wax, once the plaster has hardened, the wax is melted from the plaster mould, and molten metal is poured into the mould. The cast piece is then cleaned up and set with diamonds and or gemstones.
There are some jewellers that handmake the settings and cast the bands or vice versa so it is important to ask the question, especially if the person you're buying your piece of jewellery from does not explain the diference.

Benefits of a handmade, custom designed, fine jewellery piece;

  • It takes a skillful jeweller to produce precise work, and a handmade piece will always be more desirable than a mass produced piece.
  • Inherently stronger.
  • You have the ability to alter an existing design or use your own sentimental gold.
  • Different coloured metals can be mixed unlike the one piece casting process.
  • Modifications can be made during the handmaking process.
  • The turn around time can be less, especially if the casting company is in another state.
  • Handmade jewellery is not hollowed or thinned out so in turn it weighs more, giving it strength.
  • A handmade ring will out last a handcrafted or cast ring.
  • Your piece of fine jewellery will be unique, as it has been made with love by hand.