Push Presents seem to have really taken off in the last few years, and its the women who are driving the idea, to be honest I dont think the husbands know much about it all, or maybe thats just their cover? Its not until the woman says "We both want this baby, but to show how much you appreciate what I'm going to put my body through I want this" while pointing to a picture of diamond earrings, that the thought even enters the husbands mind.
The Baby Bauble is not the invention of the jewellery industry looking for another opportunity to sell goods (trust me!) Its just that jewellery is a pretty easy present to conceal and then reveal right there in the delivery room, making any exhausted, sleep deprived first time mum feel like a million dollars. Push presents are given before, or after the big day too, and can be anything that genuine thought and love has gone into. Ive heard of Mumma Baby Gifts being luxury handbags, art work for the home, even a hot tub!  I just wonder, isnt the baby enough reward? That bundle of joy should be the most important thing at that moment in time, shouldn't it? And Im sure it is, but maybe it is also a lovely idea to have something that triggers that memory of that special moment, as Im sure there will be times when you look at your 'darling' child and momentarily forget that special feeling!

I think that men, once they are aware of the Mumma Baby Gift idea, its something they want to do, to show their appreciation, they now seem to be more aware and sympathetic of what their pregnant partners experience, the pain, the morning sickness, the stress, the changes to their bodies, and perhaps these men realise that for those nine months they basically sit around and take the credit! It is important to not forget that new mums still need help, love and emotional support, and material things cannot make up for this.

Its also important to remember some women love the Push Present idea, some women would rather have a hired cleaning service......