Like plumbers, electricians, dentists and doctors there is often a national body representing that particular industry. For the jewellery industry our national body is the Jewellers Association Of Australia (JAA)
The JAA has been around since the early 1930’S and they play an important role within the jewellery industry. One of their main objectives is to increase consumer confidence and trust when doing business with code signatories, they are committed to ensure that JAA members act in accordance with a code of ethics. They even have a complaint resolution process should questions or problems arise.

As a consumer when dealing with a JAA member you have piece of mind in regard to quality of workmanship and customer service.
There are also many benefits for a jeweller to become a member as the JAA keeps members up to date with training, advice and even robbery alerts.
When making that all important decision to purchase an engagement ring, wedding band or have repairs carried out to your family heirloom ask the jeweller if they are they a member of the Jewellers Association Of Australia (JAA)

If in doubt look for the “JAA Member” logo or “JAA Member” certificate on display in store or contact the JAA directly.
You hear so many recommendations that you should always use a licensed electrician or a painter who is registered with the MPA so why would you use a jeweller than isn’t a member of their own industry?
Nordhoff Jewellery Couture is proud to be members of the JAA and have agreed to be bound by a code of ethics and code of practice. This gives our client’s confidence they are dealing with knowledgeable and trustworthy jewellery professionals.