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Rose gold is a soft pinkish coloured gold that was often used in antique jewellery.
With everything vintage being quite popular in Perth right now, rose gold is fast becoming a first choice for many engagement ring designs.
Even if the rest of your jewellery is white gold but you love the idea of having a custom designed rose gold engagement ring then you don’t need to go out and buy a new suite of rose gold jewellery to match your ring.


One of the most important decisions you will ever make will be to “Pop the question”, and purchase a custom designed handmade engagement ring that she will love and treasure forever. We think about protecting our house, our car, and even our much-loved pet, however few of us don’t give jewellery insurance a second thought. At best we tack it onto our home and contents insurance and end up paying a premium to hopefully be covered should an issue arise. The last thing we would ever dream of when making a claim, is having to run around town trying to obtain quotes and then haggling with the in